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About Us

About Us

Flying Star Aviators aim to provide world-class training facilities to channelize and craft one's career for all candidates which is led by our experienced & professional instructors who help you in becoming professional airline pilots.

The recent boom has resulted into the requirement of skilled and efficient manpower in aviation sector. Flying Star Aviators aims to provide quality training, timely assistance and guidance to the students thereby ensuring a bright future ahead.


Flying Star Aviators strives to be the best Aviation training organization in the USA,Southern Africa and India that provides best quality and highest standard of flight training, to ensure that, we provide a safe and effective learning situation for our students adhering to safe practice.


Our Mission is to provide a risk free and effective training environment as well as ensure that graduates are prepared with the knowledge, flight hours and experience that lead directly to high demand pilot careers in aviation domestically and internationally.


Flying Star Aviators was first conceived during a training flight between a student and her flight Instructor. As a flight instructor having trained over hundred students already and constant month to month referral we have seen a huge gap in the market and an increased demand for training facilities

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