Interview Preparation Classes:

The connection between theoretical knowledge and actual world applications is served by the airline preparatory interview courses. These courses aim to give prospective pilots a comprehensive understanding of DGCA regulations and requirements. The curriculum shall cover a wide range of topics, e.g. air systems, regulations, security and safety, flight operations and procedures, medical standards, or certification requirements.
Participants will be able to familiarise themselves with DGCA standards and requirements in a regulated environment through practical exercises such as simulations of interviews. These courses will be conducted by experienced professionals, who are generally in the field for years. This will contribute to the practical aspects of theoretical knowledge, enabling participants to understand the interview process and enable them to exercise their responses to questions that are typically asked in interviews.
Interview courses are becoming an important component of the full preparation of candidates for pilot positions, given that not only technical capabilities but also interpersonal competencies are vital within a constantly competitive sector such as aviation.