Air Navigation

One of the most crucial parts of a nation’s industry is real-time navigation for planes. The technology of navigation is getting modified with each year, and new methods are being used for faster and more efficient navigation. This has helped the planes become much faster and safer. ATPL candidates must master their navigation technique to ensure efficient aviation. There are many real air navigation systems, which include:

● Aeronautical charts
● VHF Omnidirectional Range
● Non-Directional Beacon
● GPS systems

It is our responsibility to ensure that our students have mastered these systems and check if they are ready to fly off with these skills. We have many air control simulators to sharpen up their skills. This is one of the most important skills that all aviation students must work hard on. Our tutors and industry experts are available for all the doubts and problems they face.

We understand that plotting routes and calculating distance are very important, and in areas like India where flights fly very densely, this is even more complex and important to learn. Pilots in Indian airspace have a much more difficult job and need experienced pilots to manage it. This will ensure passenger safety and comfort.