Radio aids and instruments

The only way the air command centre at airports can contact the pilots is through radio communication. This is the way they confirm the plane landings, and in the case of emergencies, mayday calls are done through the radio aid system. Flying Star Aviation Company focuses on learning the science behind this radio communication. We provide the best ATPL courses in India, which have full training lessons in transponders, radar systems, and radio communication. This helps the pilot make new routes and ask airports for emergency landings if required. This ensures the safety of the plane and the passengers.
Not only this, we also make you students learn about various other instruments that are essential in air navigation and communication. These include:

● Altimeters
● Airspeed indicators
● Pressure indicator
● Various sensors for other plane parts

The amount of data that these radio devices provide is commendable. This makes them a very important part of ATPL candidates’ education system. The written exam of the licensing system asks a lot of questions related to these instruments to check the knowledge of the student.