Earning yourself an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) is quite a big milestone. This makes you a commercial pilot. This is a huge milestone for aspiring pilots all over the world. This is not just a licence to fly any professional commercial planes. Flying star addition is one of the best flying schools in India which provides all the necessary training that you need to become a commercial pilot. The journey of ATPL not only includes the number of hours you have driven, but it also requires deep knowledge of meteorology, air navigation, radio aids and instruments, and much more. Pilots licensed with ATPL have huge opportunities out there, enabling you to earn more flight experience. Flying Star Aviator will help you get your own airline transport pilot licence and enable you to get a respectable aviation job. Today we will give you a basic idea of what the aviation industry includes and give you some basic information about modern technology that has made the aviation industry a lot safer and more efficient. To know more about our flying school in India or pilot course fees contact our customer executives 24/7.

Airline Meteorology

Meteorology plays a very crucial role in the aviation industry, as the safety of the plane and passengers totally rest in the hands of nature. ATPL candidates must ensure that they have a proper knowledge of atmospheric conditions, weather, and what should be done in emergency situations. Training includes the study of the symbols and emergency indicators on the plane. One needs a detailed study of climatology, atmospheric conditions, and knowledge about how to deal with them. This pilot exam, which is both practical and theoretical, makes sure that you are capable of handling the responsibility of the plane and the safety of the passengers on it.

Our modern science has enabled us to predict the weather and also give probable locations of vortexes, which can be very dangerous for planes. But still, these modern meteorological satellites, which are stationed in orbit around the earth, are not capable of giving the exact real-time location to aid the planes in changing or diverting their route. So pilots are trained to handle any of these situations and save the lives of people on the plane. Flying Star Aviator provides world class quality aviation courses. There are many more things that the ATPL-licensed pilots must study, including:

  • Icing
  • Turbulence
  • Low-Level Windshear
  • Numerical weather prediction models
  • Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF)


Air Navigation

One of the most crucial parts of a nation’s industry is real-time navigation for planes. The technology of navigation is getting modified with each year, and new methods are being used for faster and more efficient navigation. This has helped the planes become much faster and safer. ATPL candidates must master their navigation technique to ensure efficient aviation. There are many real air navigation systems, which include:

  • Aeronautical charts
  • VHF Omnidirectional Range
  • Non-Directional Beacon
  • GPS systems

It is our responsibility to ensure that our students have mastered these systems and check if they are ready to fly off with these skills. We have many air control simulators to sharpen up their skills. This is one of the most important skills that all aviation students must work hard on. Our tutors and industry experts are available for all the doubts and problems they face.

We understand that plotting routes and calculating distance are very important, and in areas like India where flights fly very densely, this is even more complex and important to learn. Pilots in Indian airspace have a much more difficult job and need experienced pilots to manage it. This will ensure passenger safety and comfort.

Radio aids and instruments

The only way the air command centre at airports can contact the pilots is through radio communication. This is the way they confirm the plane landings, and in the case of emergencies, mayday calls are done through the radio aid system. Flying Star Aviation Company focuses on learning the science behind this radio communication. We provide the best ATPL courses in India, which have full training lessons in transponders, radar systems, and radio communication. This helps the pilot make new routes and ask airports for emergency landings if required. This ensures the safety of the plane and the passengers.

Not only this, we also make you students learn about various other instruments that are essential in air navigation and communication. These include:

  • Altimeters
  • Airspeed indicators
  • Pressure indicator
  • Various sensors for other plane parts


The amount of data that these radio devices provide is commendable. This makes them a very important part of ATPL candidates’ education system. The written exam of the licensing system asks a lot of questions related to these instruments to check the knowledge of the student.


Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)

ATPL is a pretty important achievement in the life of a pilot. This opens a new door in the career lives of pilots and helps them get better packages. But there are some qualification criteria that the students have to meet so that they can claim their ATPL licence. This includes


Total Flight Time

1500 hours

Cross-Country Flight Time

500 hours

Night Flight Time

500 hours

Instrument Flight Experience

200 hours


Series of Written Exam


Flying Star Aviator provides all the simulators and paid planes for the best experience you can get. We are determined to provide the best teaching service that we can and to help you achieve your goals as soon as possible. Not only the flight time is what matters in the licence exam, but a deep knowledge of all the plane components is a must. The quality of our simulators is world-class and gives the students a surreal flying experience.


The path to earning an Airline Transport Pilot licence is tough, but the time and effort the students put in make the whole thing worth it when you claim your own licence, which allows you to fly commercial planes. Flying Star Aviation provides all the devices that are needed to clear the ATPL exam. From both the practical knowledge and the theoretical knowledge, which test the overall mental fitness of the pilots, If you want to become a professional pilot, then contact our executives for more information. PEACE!