Atpl exam

Fly Star Aviation Academy brings to you the first included ATPL Cadet Pilot Program in India. This is undoubtedly the quickest and most affordable cadet pilot program. This is also the first program to be introduced in India which provides an opportunity to not only achieve Commercial Pilot License (CPL) but also Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). Every year Fly Star Aviation Academy will select twenty students via a merit-based selection process and teach them into excellent aviators.

The total duration of the ground training, flight training, and the initial flight instructor internship are concerning 3 years.

The Airline Pilot Programme is an integrated Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) course completed with an APS MCC (FNTPII B737-800NG) course taken in an Airbus A320 FMS (Full Motion Simulator). It is addressed to those who are really serious about getting an Airline job.

This program be an ab-initio course addressed to all those prospective pilots that wish to get the CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) with the ME-IR (Multi-engine Instrument) rating, along with the theoretical knowledge required for an ATPL Licence (commonly called a frozen ATPL).

Also within the program, the student will complete the MCC (Multi-Crew Coordination) training required to act as an FO (First Officer) in multi-pilot transport category aircraft, essential in order to be employed by an Airline.

Obtaining your ATPL license isn’t an easy attainment, fairly the converse, everyone who has gone through this skill agrees that to effectively pass the ATPL exams, requires serious dedication and real love for aviation.

The profession of a commercial pilot is one of the most valued of all the economic sectors. It’s true that the preparation for this has a high level of complexity but with good training, passing this exam is much more achievable.

Today we want to converse with you about the ATPL Exam, the most feared part of the training by any student who aspires to work in one of the most prestigious professions.

To pursue we will share some tips to help you prepare for your ATPL Exam, and we’ll show you the registration process along with all you need to know in order to efficiently pass your exam.

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