Obtaining your ATPL licence isn’t an easy achievement, fairly the converse, everyone who has gone through this skill agrees that to successfully pass the ATPL exams, requires serious dedication and real love for aviation.

The profession of a commercial pilot is one of the most valued of all the economic sectors. It’s true that the preparation for this has a high level of complexity but with good training, passing this exam is much more achievable.

Today we want to converse with you about the ATPL Exam, the most feared part of the training by any student who aspires to work in one of the most prestigious professions.

To follow we will share some tips to help you prepare for your ATPL Exam, and we’ll show you the registration process along with all you need to know in order to efficiently pass your exam.

ATPL (Airline Transport Pilots Licence) exams are the first steps to achieving your full ATPL licence. This guide takes you through each of the exams you will have to take and the different ways to study for them. You may also find this guide helpful if you already hold a Fly Star Aviation Academy ATPL (exam) and wish to convert to Fly Star Aviation Academy
There are two ways you could study for and sit this exam, either modular or integrated. The modular route gives you the ability to study and sit the exam at your own pace, perfect for someone who still needs to work during their Pilot Training or study remotely. The integrated method is a fast-track route through the examination and requires full-time, concentrated study for around 8 months. 

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