Aviation College

Fly Star Aviation, New Delhi is a very popular college in the state of Delhi. Government Aviation Training Institute, New Delhi. It is one of the leading colleges in Aviation. It is located in New Delhi, Delhi. Government Aviation Training Institute, New Delhi is a Government institution. More than 7 courses are skilled in this institution.

In Aviation, there are a total of 7 courses. The Under Graduate category has 4 courses which are PPL, SPL, Hobby Flying, and Multi-Engine Training. Under the Post Graduate studies, 3 courses are skilled which are CPL, Flight Radio Telephony License, and Instrument Rating.

Fly Star Aviation is one of the best and well known Aviation College institutes in Delhi for better preparation for the Aviation College examination.  Most of the colleges don’t offer any pt period for the students but here it’s just the opposite we have pt period and that’s actually cool. Fly Star Aviation teachers behave really well with the student and the ambiance is also nice.

Fly Star Aviation is a highly disciplined college, with better career opportunities for students; Fly Star Aviation is Excellent in infrastructure facilities Fly Star Aviation had highly efficient faculty members. Fly Star Aviation is the Right place to give life to your aviation dreams Fly Star Aviation provides quality of education. They are mainly concentrating on the job-oriented program. Practical training programs are very useful for the student.


There are many paths to becoming a professional pilot. Flight schools, academies, the U.S. military, and colleges or universities can arm you with the experience and qualifications to meet your goal. If a flight program affiliated with a college or university is your preference, then you face the same task every aspirant college student face: narrowing down the choice. Aviation school programs come in all shapes and sizes, are located all around the United States, and can range in price. 

Aviation Courses

In addition to flight theory and training, early-semester fundamental math and physics courses help students strengthen their problem-solving and critical-thinking skill and prepare for more difficult technical courses and training.

Some flight programs also include aviation management courses to offer a broader thoughtful of the industry and the various role available in it.

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