Best Cpl Ground Classes

If you want to choose a career as a specialized pilot, it is one of the most important, exciting, and rewarding career choices. Fly Star Aviation Academy can help you attain that object with an especially prospective commercial pilot training program as per everyone’s needs. To obtain a commercial pilot license, you need Best Cpl Ground Classes to obvious your exam in one go.

To be a good pilot, you must have a good thoughtful of DGCA ground subjects. This is essential not only for passing exams but also for safe flight operations. Rather than Rote information, all of our instructors focus on Concept-based training. Students learn much more effectively from our experienced instructors who provide live examples throughout the course. You will find this training to be extremely helpful during your Flight Training. During usual performance evaluation, we work on students’ weak areas, so that they can convert that weakness into “strengths.”


A wise pilot knows that strong ground is mandatory to make an effortless takeoff. A pilot is expected to be judicious. That’s where the Pilot Ground School makes all the difference. A sensible pilot will always study first and complete her exams and then move on to flying. Pilot Training is a critical choice to make. It is often said that anybody can fly; it’s the ground subjects that define a pilot and demands dedication and focus.

When you talk to any experienced pilot for their guidance, most will tell you to do your ground studies first and then go on and do the flying training. DGCA allows 30 months to pass the ground school subjects for which it conducts the quarterly exams in the months of April, July, October, and January.

Fly Star Aviation Academy being a renowned ground school since the year 2003 provides you with just the right launch pad to take off to your pilot career. A team of experienced pilots who specialize in their subject is there to prepare you to pass the PPL/CPL exams in the shortest possible time. Once you have passed the ground subjects, the required flying training of a minimum of 200 hours can be completed in barely 6 months.


5 Months


10+2 or its equivalent with a minimum of 50% marks in Mathematics and Physics. (If you don’t have Physics & Math in 10+2 you have an option of doing these two subjects from the National Institute of Open Schooling’s On-Demand Examinations and can still start your Pilot training course.

A Class II Medical (Indian) with a fitness certificate from a designated medical practitioner. Please note for the issue of CPL License Class I Medical would be necessary.

At least 16 years of age to start pilot training. Vision in one eye must be perfect. (6/6 eyesight) On the other eye, you could have an imperfection of 6/9, which must be correctable to 6/6. You must be free of any disease that can hamper your usual function.

We offer direct admission to all aspirants looking to start with Ground training first. You can enroll for Ground classes for DGCA exams with Contact us. We cover the entire following subject in the Best Cpl Ground Classes:

Air Regulations

Aviation Meteorology

Air Navigation

Technical General

Technical Specific

Radio Telephony

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