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Commercial Pilot Training institute in India

India is known for a number of flying clubs that behavior commercial pilot training for enthusiastic cadets. DGCA or Directorate general of civil aviation, which is the scheming authority of civil and commercial aviation in India, permit various Pilot licenses like PPL, CPL, and ATPL for instruction Pilots of various level. Of these, CPL is the commercial pilot license which is the basic skill for flying commercial aircraft. Here is a list of top-performing flying academies in India offering various pilot Preparation Programs. We have used a variety of criteria to choose the best among the rest and you can read individual reviews on each flying club by Fly Star Aviation Academy. The criteria for evaluating each flying club include:

Number & type of aircraft

Number of pilots trained every year

Aviation facilities like Multi-engine, Simulator, etc.

Number & type of courses (IR, MER, AFI, FI, license renewals, conversions, etc.)

Facilities like a hostel, transit, Wi-Fi, AC rooms, Library

An incident/accident occurred

Flying fees per hour

CPL package fees and inside

Before you choose a flight school, it’s a good idea to answer two key questions: Of the flight schools accessible to you locally, which appear to have the best reputation for the quality of training and customer care? And which of that group offer training most appropriate to the kind of flying you have set as your goal?

Fly Star Aviation Academy may be able to help you answer the first question with some basic research using the Fly Star Aviation Academy. It’s an online directory that lets you search by state, zip code, within a radius of that location, or the school’s name. 

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