Boeing Ground Classes

Our Boeing flight training course, conducted by a highly knowledgeable instructor, provides you with comprehensive manufacturer-based training for all Boeing aircraft models using advanced simulation and ground training technology.

With our flexible, included solution to your flight training needs, you can lease training devices, access high-caliber flight instructors, or host pilot flight training at one of our worldwide campuses. And, you can rely on our Boeing Ground Classes program, which is documented and approved by most worldwide regulatory authorities.

Get the flight training you need using the most advanced training techniques that seamlessly integrates ground-based academic with simulation-based flight training and leverage over 100 years of Boeing flight and aerospace experience.

Fly Star Aviation Academy is dedicated to the development of commercial aviation professionals. Our flexible programs are trusted worldwide because they are created by experts, backed by extensive support, and designed to help students succeed.   

Pilots and crew seek our regulator-approved pilot training and certification, either online or in person at one of our more than 80 full-flight simulators around the globe. Engineers and technicians will learn about every vital system from nose to tail. 

Fly Star Aviation Academy, the world’s leading provider in distance learning solutions, provide Boeing aviation training course intended as systems information CBT for both initial and recurrent training. E-learning courses available include basic and different courses, system diagrams,s, and enhanced learning. Each Boeing training course has its own knowledge assessment for evaluating the understanding of the type rating lesson. All Fly Star Aviation Academy Boeing CBT courses include contact us.

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