Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Training

Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is a pilot license that allows a person to act as a pilot of an aircraft. It is a license provided by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) which is the regulatory body for civil aviation, for students to act as a pilot, command any aircraft, and get paid for it. A Commercial Pilot License contains a pilot’s rating and the type of aircraft that the pilot can fly listed on the license, to obtain and use the license a valid medical certificate and valid rating will be required use. Flying a minimum of 200 hours will grant you the Commercial Pilot License (CPL). The duration of this course is 9-10 months.

Commercial Pilot Training Course Description:-

To become a licensed commercial pilot student must enroll in a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Training course which is a civil aviation course that allows a student to obtain & become a licensed pilot and fly aircraft.  A commercial pilot preparation course in India is offered at various commercial pilot training institutes & schools. In the process of grabbing a spot as a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Training course student, one has to give an entrance exam or can even get admission based on merit. The benefit of enrolling in a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Training and obtaining a CPL license opens a number of opportunities for the student. A student with a CPL license can fly single & multi-engine aircraft. Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Training include general flying, aircraft testing & skill test as per the regulatory body DGCA.


  1.  The course duration of a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is about 9-10 months. 
  2. The minimum age to enroll for the Commercial Pilot course is 20 years.
  3. On obtaining a CPL pilots are paid handsomely with a preliminary salary of 1.5 Lakh per month.
  4. Job opportunity for a CPL holder exists both in the private & government sector.
  5. There are not one but multiple job profiles for a CPL holder.

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