Technical General

This part of CPL training covers a range of motifs that are important for an airman to understand to operate aircraft safely and effectively. Then are some crucial areas covered in the” Technical General” portion of CPL training

● Aircraft Systems

Understanding the colorful systems and factors of an aircraft, including machines, avionics, landing gear, and flight controls.

● Aircraft Performance

Learning about aircraft performance parameters, similar to takeoff and wharf distances, rise rates, and maneuvering capabilities. This knowledge is essential for making informed opinions during flight.

● Weight and Balance

Calculating and maintaining the weight and balance of an aircraft to ensure it’s within safe operating limits. This includes understanding the impact of passengers, weight, and energy on the aircraft’s center of gravity.

● Aircraft conservation

Familiarity with aircraft conservation procedures and the capability to conduct pre-flight examinations to ensure the aircraft is airworthy.

● exigency Procedures

Knowledge of how to respond to colorful in-flight extremities, similar to machine failures, electrical system malfunctions, or cabin depressurization.