CPL Training in Abroad

Fly Star Aviation Academy partnered with a premier ATO in Southern Europe to offer exclusive International Pilot Training Pathway to Indian students.  This course is specially designed for students who have completed their CPL Ground School and passed DGCA CPL Examinations and exploring the best options for quality CPL training in Abroad. However, students without passing the DGCA CPL exam also can opt for this program.

Students can benefit from their prior knowledge and seek credit exceptions for the exams passed, thereby reducing the course duration significantly. The CPL training in Abroad syllabus is aligned with DGCA CAR as well as Part FCL, which makes the conversion easy and quicker meeting all the recency requirements.

The first phase of training is completed at an uncontrolled satellite base and the majority of CPL training in Abroad is done out of a fully operational Commercial International Airport. The total course duration will be about 8-9 Months.

The CPL (A) ME IR (Frozen ATPL) can also be upgraded to a Fly Star Aviation Academy with certain additional flying efforts & cost if the student is opting to do so.

Fly Star Aviation Academy can support students with their Foreign Professional Licence Conversion once they return to India.

The CPL training in Abroad exposes to many exciting opportunities in India and Abroad, it is a professional pilot Licence after qualifying for C.P.L. anyone can serve as a pilot in any Airways, etc. in the Country and abroad. This is a step ahead of P.P.L. the skilled instructor of the Academy cater to learner pilots’ exact wishes while he is well on his way to completing the necessary hours of Cross Country airborne and instrument time, which is integrated into the 200 Hour of attaining C.P.L. A student can get the CPL by doing his flying training for complete total 200 Hour of flying.

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