DGCA Ground Classes

DGCA Ground Classes

A good Pilot needs a thorough understanding of”the aviation ground subjects. This is required not only for passing exams but also necessary for the safe conduct of the flight. Every Instructor of ours focuses on Concept-based training rather than Rote knowledge. Our skilled instructors make the journey much easier for students and teach them with a live example. This training will be really helpful while you are undergoing your Flight Training. We conduct regular performance Evaluations so that we can work on students’ weak areas and change that into strengths.”

DGCA Ground Classes

It is imperative for a Pilot aspirant to clear the DGCA examination before beginning flying training.

Once an applicant registers with us he gets unlimited counseling sessions as we help him get his Computer Number and further guide him/her choose the right flight school to complete the flying training requirements.

Although every applicant has to study the entire subject towards completion of CPL/PPL training, the immediate requirement may vary for individuals.

For Instance, candidates who undergo flying training in India have to appear for all the examinations conducted by the DGCA whereas candidates who plan to complete their CPL training from a foreign location may need to appear for fewer examinations to convert their foreign Commercial Pilot License to Indian DGCA Commercial Pilot License.

Candidates must take the help of our student counselor before finalizing the subject and additional services.

Course Description

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) examination is the first step pilot aspirant should take before they start flying training. Once the candidates register with us, they get unlimited counseling sessions as we help them get their Computer Numbers and further guide them to choose the right flight school to complete the requirements of flying training. The duration of the full course will be 12-24 months depending on a lot of variable factors. After completion of the course, we will make sure the candidate finishes the exam on time by giving plenty of test experiences to prepare well for the main exam. The study material required for the preparation will be provided by the academy.

Eligibility Criteria

10, +2 or it’s equivalent with a minimum of 50% marks in Mathematics and Physics. (If you don’t have Physics & Maths in 10+2 you have an option of doing these two subjects from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) examination and can still start your Pilot training course. Visit us for details)

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