How To Become Pilot

How do I become a pilot?

We humans always dream of flying above the clouds like the birds in the sky. In this modern tech world, we may be able to travel by air. The deal is that everyone dreams to fly, but not everyone can learn it. Many just dream of How to become a pilot, Flying Star Aviation will help you become one. Pilots are trained differently and make the whole world travel so fast and efficiently. There were many dreams to become a pilot, but due to a lack of awareness and education for the maximum, the dreams were not fulfilled. Today, we will bring you a brief guide on how to become a pilot with us. Flying Star Aviation will help you become a pilot and make your dream come true. We have all the facilities, simulators, and the best industry pilot training for you and giving you the best experience flying in a plane.

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Minimum Requirement of CPL Training

For you to fit any commercial plane, you first need to be licensed to fly one. There are some basic criteria for a commercial pilot course. CPL stands for Commercial Pilot License. The basic criteria differ from nation to nation, but in India, there are strict regulations for them. So if you dream of being a pilot, this is the basic eligibility criteria for the licence.


  • AGE: To pursue the CPL training, the candidate must be at least 18 years old.
  • Education Background: The CPL trainee must at least have a high school diploma or a degree that is equivalent to it.
  • Private Pilot Licence: Most CPL programs require candidates to have a private pilot licence beforehand. But in India PPL is not necessary for CPL.
  • Flight Hours: The CPL candidate requires a minimum flight time of 150–250 hours. This includes flight time with the instructors and without the instructors.
  • Medical certificate: A basic class 1 or class 2 medical certificate is needed for the training program. This ensures that the pilot is mentally and physically healthy for flying.
  • CPL written exam: To get a CPL licence, the candidate first needs to pass a written exam. This exam ensures that the pilot has basic knowledge of aircraft systems, navigation, and communication. This is a must, as the pilot has the responsibility of both the passengers and the plane.
  • CPL flight test: The CPL candidate is required to pass through a flight test with the aviation authority examiner. This exam checks the flight skills and the pilot’s ability to handle any emergency situation.

The basic requirement of being a CPL-licensed pilot changes from time to time. To know the latest information, you can contact the Flying Star Aviation executives. We are here to provide you with all the basic information and updated CPL criteria. We have the best industry experts to guide you through the process.


Understanding the Basics

Before you open up your wings and fly in the air, First, you need to understand the basics of flying licences and what you need to do before you fly the better and bigger planes with passengers and cargo.

 There are particularly three types of licences:



Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

Allows to fly small engine propeller planes.

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Allows to fly small planes with passenger capacity of 20-50 people only.

Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)

Allows you to fly big planes like Airbus a320 and Boeings 737.

In India, you do not need a private pilot licence (PPL) to get a commercial pilot licence (CPL). But countries other than India will require a private pilot licence for a commercial pilot licence. The CPL needs more in-depth knowledge of the plane and more air training. The CPL pilots have more flight time. They also have to clear a written and practical exam. If you manage to get yourself a commercial pilot licence, you are eligible to fly small planes with a small seating capacity of 20 to 50 people.

Medical fitness for pilots

It is our duty to ensure that the pilots we are training are perfectly fit and fine, both mentally and physically. This is a very important step, as the pilots hold the responsibility for the people the plane carries. The medical assessment of the pilots is done in a two-step process. These all medical assessments are done under the DGCA. DGCA full form is “Directorate General Of Civil Aviation”. This is called Class 2 Medicals and Class 2 Medicals.

  • Class 2 medicals: This step can be taken by any doctor who has been registered under the DGCA. This medical assessment can be done anywhere in India. You will be given a CA-35 assessment form as a certificate if everything is found to be perfect. This report will be sent to DGCA, and then the final medical assessment will be received from DGCA.
  • Class 2 medicals: This medical assessment can only be done in five places (Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Johrat, and Bangalore). You will again receive the final medical report from DGCA.


The aviation authorities have set a medical benchmark for the pilots that they issue licences to. Through this, the medical system makes sure that all the licensed pilots have good decision-making and good physical health and that the passengers are in safe hands.


Theory Papers

Pilots not only handle the practical knowledge of the plane but also need to understand the theory papers. These papers have the full working science behind the plane and its instruments. Tutors at Flying Star Aviation make sure that our students go through all of these in great detail. On a normal day of flight, these might not be so helpful, but in case of any emergency or failure of any part, these theory papers help a lot in helping pilots out and making the best decision to save the lives of passengers. These theory papers include topics like air navigation, air mapping, distance calculation, aerodynamics, climatology, meteorology, and much more. We also conduct some tests to ensure that our students have good knowledge of these topics so that you can get your CPL as early as possible.

Flight Training

Now that you have learned the theoretical knowledge of the plane and its parts, now is the time to put all of that knowledge into practice. This is the most important part of the whole aviation course. Flying Star Edition has the best tutors who have thousands of hours of flying experience and have faced almost all the emergency weather and parts failure situations. These are the best people who can teach you everything about how you really feel inside a cockpit. How to make decisions in unfortunate situations and how to deal with them We place great importance on the practical skills of our students and have installed high-quality simulators for beginners to get practice with. There is a very popular quote in our aviation academy that says, “The cockpit becomes your classroom, and the sky becomes your playground.”



Start your flying journey with us at Flying Star Aviation. We don’t just train you; we help you earn more confidence in yourself. Friendly tutors at our academy will guide you from beginner to master in aviation. This opens up a whole new opportunity for you. This is the opportunity to turn your passion and your dream into a well-paid career. The sky above you is waiting for you to open your wings wide. We welcome you to India’s most high-tech aviation training school. Are you ready to reach great heights?