Pilot Training in Delhi

A pilot is a person who flies an aircraft. They are extremely taught experts who fly airplanes and helicopters to transport passengers or cargo. If you are one who has always dreamt of flying a jet or an aircraft, a career as a pilot is the most appropriate option for you. The pilot is the only career that will let you undertake your passion on a daily basis. And more? You are going to earn more than a reasonable salary.
A career in aviation provides its follower with the opportunity to travel around the globe. This is a fascinating and rewarding profession. It is highly rated and one of the most adventurous careers which require intense preparation and a very scheduled and keeping pace way of life.

DGCA exam preparation will be conducted by our professional experts and undertaken through recognized DGCA Ground regulations and requirements

Fly Star Aviation Academy Asia pacific office is located in India, Guru Gram, near the capital New Delhi which serves as the main consultancy and meeting point for numerous applicants not just from India but also the whole region of East and South Asia. If you are considering your pilot career, the office of Flying Academy in Delhi is the perfect place to go for a face-to-face discussion and guidance in real time. You can also directly apply for your future training. Professional flight training consultants in the airborne Academy Delhi office will help you to set up pilot training from the level of PPL up to the CPL and ATPL level, leisure sightseeing flights, hour-building program, or for instance leadership on the conversion of license according to the Fly Star Aviation Academy, and DGCA standards.

In addition, Fly Star Aviation Academy has partnerships with Many Aviation sector industries, thereby ensuring candidates not only receive exceptional training facilities but also career and placement assistance.

Over a period of time, we observed that even though plenty of students achieved the Commercial Pilot License (CPL), there was still a shortage of Airline Pilots in the aviation industry. With the aim bridge this gap we introduced the ATPL Cadet Pilot Program, a first of its kind in India. It is our continuous Endeavour to update and refine our program to shape pilot’s par excellence.

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