Radio Telephony (RTR)


Throughout air transportation, important communications are transmitted and received for the safe operation of the aircrafts. Due to this reason, the use of non-standard communication is avoided and highly trained RTR officers are employed to precisely transfer information. The RTR officers are responsible for operating radio equipment, communicate with public, aircrafts and other remote operations, involving exchange transmission instructions with receiving operators.

RTR(A) CLASSES are professionally managed by experienced Aviation Professional. Flying Star Aviators has given many professional pilots to aviation industry. We have guided many CPL/ AME aspirants, first officers and commanders to get through their RTR(A) exams. We have set a benchmark in RTR training by passing results.

Part I – Transmission
Part II – Theory
RTR(A) Exam is conducted by WPC in every 2 months.
Professional Training includes -75 hrs of Instruction

Part 1 Exam- ATS route charts, transmission techniques, formats of transmission as per AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication), India.

Situational calls. 50 current Question papers of last 5 attempts (Question papers as stated by the appeared candidates) will be covered as per WPC examination standards.

Part 2 Exam- Basic electricity, Radio Navigational Aids, working of transmitter-receiver, modulation, HF-VHF communication, Regulations, flight plan etc. A series of 200 FAQ’s (as stated by the appeared candidates) will be covered.

Duration: 20 Days